Nat Land


The project “Nat Land” is a creative exploration of the challenges that the Netherlands is facing as a result of climate change. The project consists of a stop-motion film and two objects that illustrate the story of a person in the Netherlands adapting to a future in which water plays a more prominent role in the Dutch landscapes. 

The Netherlands is facing significant challenges as a result of climate change, and one of the more ecocentric solutions is to incorporate more water into Dutch landscapes. This approach could have many benefits for the environment and the country’s inhabitants. By allowing more water in Dutch landscapes, the Netherlands could promote biodiversity, protect against flooding, and create new opportunities for recreation and tourism. However, the Dutch have a long history of fighting against water, and this struggle has become deeply ingrained in the national identity. The project aims to shift the conversation away from this combative mindset and towards a more positive and proactive approach to living with water. By using humor and light provocation, “Nat Land” seeks to move from climate anxiety to enthusiasm for the future. Through its creative exploration of the potential benefits of allowing more water in Dutch landscapes, the project hopes to inspire a new narrative for the Netherlands that is more in line with the realities of climate change.