STING-ID is one of my initial year projects—an satirical login and signature tool. Unlike conventional methods such as passwords or PINs, this device relies on your unique genetic code for authentication. 

The project was founded on the inquiry of whether individuals would be willing to tolerate slight discomfort in exchange for a signing method immune to falsification. It drew heavily from the cultural motif of signing in blood frequently depicted in pop culture and folklore.

It served as an commentary on identity within the digital landscape of 2019, a time when deep fakes were emerging but were not as prominent a topic as they are today.

The concept proposes that it can extract genetic data through the insertion of two needles into your fingertip. It embodies a slightly satirical and provocative essence, intended to ignite discourse surrounding identity security amidst our digital era.

To some extent, the prototype operates as designed. Utilizing two small, sharp needles, it punctures the finger and measures impedance via an Arduino. Following this, it generates auditory signals and LED indicators, dependent on whether the user withdrew their finger or endured the prick of the needles.