Nat Land

Adapting to climate change can also be exciting and will trigger new, progressive ideas. The project ‘Nat Land’ consists of a stop-motion film and two objects that illustrate the story of a person in the Netherlands adapting to climate change.


The PAD_6 is an animatable scale model of a fantastical submarine. All of the lighting in the model works.


The project was founded on the inquiry of whether individuals would be willing to tolerate slight discomfort in exchange for a signing method immune to falsification. It drew heavily from the cultural motif of signing in blood frequently depicted in pop culture and folklore.

Nat Land process

The project "Nat Land" explores the challenges that the Netherlands is facing as a result of climate change, with a focus on the potential benefits of incorporating more water into Dutch landscapes. The project includes a stop-motion film and two objects that illustrate a person's journey of adapting to a future with more water.