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An exhibition initiated by post-graduates from ArtEZ Arnhem, with projects ranging from a VR cooking game to 5-meter-high stilts and colorful ceramics

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Moōn by Emma Knaken
Playful tableware objects that invite you to create a different dining experience.

Sky Pies by Suzanne Bongers
A VR cooking game with corresponding utensils as an alternative to a physical kitchen.

The Fermentation Experimentation Station by Mily Bogaarts
Have you ever gone on safari in your own kitchen?

Nat Land by Max Degen
A film and two objects that illustrate the story of a person in the Netherlands adapting to climate change

The art of Energy by Gijs Schalkx
A quest on building my own DIY energy infrastructure

Handle with Care by Adinda Rensen
Handle with Care is a collection of ceramic wall ornaments.

The Rainbow and the Air by Finn Bekkering
Looking through the rainbow at the air

Modular Plaster by Marieke Cornielje
This project involves a flexible modular mould that captures the versatility of ceramics.

Onkruid vergaat niet by Nadine Pijnacker
A collection of porcelain objects that celebrate the herbal qualities of weeds.

人つなぎ人 (Human Connecter) by Asuka Kondo
Let’s celebrate the relationship with our surroundings and expand the connection we have!

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